Refrigération LOCAS and sistm



For many in Saint-Jérôme and the surrounding areas, the name LOCAS is synonymous with heating, air conditioning and ventilation. LOCAS is the fruit of the labour of Paul Locas, who embodied the meaning of the word Entrepreneur.

In 1935, a 28 years old, Paul Locas opened his first small plumbing and heating workshop while simultaneously managing his restaurant and working in forestry. In 1936, he decided to specialize in heating systems. The complexity of the challenges did not hinder him. Mr. Locas got the job done no matter how difficult. Each challenge was an opportunity to learn and improve. 

Entrepreneurs: from father to son

The LOCAS children are raised in an effervescent environment. The three oldest sons, Pierre, Gilles and François, were involved in their father’s projects and quickly earned key roles in  the company. Their father quickly understood the importance of progress and he encouraged his sons to study in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and management. Paul Locas instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in his children than runs deep.  


Gilles Locas establishes Les Entreprises de Réfrigération LOCAS inc.

While François managed his father’s company, Pierre began work for a major air conditioning-heating equipment manufacturer and Gilles launched Les Entreprises de Réfrigération LOCAS Inc. in 1981.

Exceptional determination, honesty, and charisma quickly became part of the family’s business reputation. The company grew quickly and Gilles had to expand his team. His first addition was his wife Ghislaine, who left the Town Hall in St. Jérôme to work at her husbands side until her retirement in 2008.

Ghislaine’s arrival was followed by apprentices and refrigeration system specialists. Gilles brother Pierre joined the team in 1984. Together, they introduced Saint-Jérôme to an extraordinary technical competence in air conditioning, heating and refrigeration. All service and maintenance calls were garnished by the legendary sense of humour that always accompanied the LOCAS team. 

The team is growing and opening up to cutting-edge technologies

Fresh out of college with a degree in building mechanics, Patrick Guay quickly found his place with the dynamic Locas brothers in 1988. The 90’s brought many changes.

Coming out of a difficult economic crisis, RÉFRIGÉRATION LOCAS is making a comeback by acquiring more specialized skills in high-tech devices, industrial ventilation, dehumidification, computerized control, residential and commercial geothermal energy. All of which are essential tools for the success of a contemporary air conditioning-heating-ventilation business.

In 1997, Dominic Fournier joined the team as an expert refrigeration technician.

Transfer of ownership

In 2000, a first association between Gilles Locas and Patrick Guay happens.

Spring 2008, Patrick Guay and Dominic Fournier take full ownership of the company.

April 2020, surrounded by a charismatic team of professionals, Patrick becomes the sole owner and undertakes the company’s next transition. 

2021: Positioning ourselves for the future

After 40 years of activity, the St-Jérôme company is initiating an overhaul of its image. Anxious to ensure its sustainability while keeping the essence of the company, Patrick begins a strategic reflection to rename and update Réfrigération Locas. Patrick decides to keep this clear and concise. Refrigeration Locas become SISTM. 

 When everything is perfectly coordinated your air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration will work efficiently and effectively.

According to Le Petit Robert, here is the definition of the word “system”;
“An ordered set of elements that perform a function, that work together for a goal.”

That is exactly what SISTM aims to do. 

In addition, the company itself also represents the notion of a “system”. SISTM, by way of its unique spelling and the boldness and singular originality of its owner Patrick Guay, is an acronym for;











A quality brand and a continuation in operations.

Although the company no longer bears the name of its founder, management always remembers what Paul Locas instilled in his children: respect for the customers and an excellent service at an attainable price. The family values that helped build the foundation of the family run business 40 years ago are the same values that will ensures that SISTM continues to grow.

The best lessons are those we never forget.

Patrick Guay
Owner, president, salesperson, technical services, customer service, photocopier technician, truck driver, floor and toilet washer, etc…. ?